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  • 26 Oct 2022 12:57 PM
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    I have a 1973 Tiger 750 Triumph.

    I have been using Castrol 20w50 4T Motorcycle Oil for quite a few years.

    The rating was: API SG, JASO MA1

    I cannot find this oil now:

    Advance Auto showed online & said that it could be ordered at the store, but store was unable to order.

    It maybe available from Amazon - but what I saw online is rated: JASO MA2.

    I use to buy from O'Reilly's but now they sell MasterPro 20w50 Motorcycle oil as a replacement.

    MasterPro is also rated as "JASO MA2.

    I did purchase 3 quarts of "Valvoline Motorcycle 4-Stroke 20w50" - Rating JASO MA2 API SL from AutoZone.  I did see one review online from an owner of a 1971 Triumph that gave the oil a good rating.

    It seems that JASO MA1 is unavailable?

    JASO MA2 from what I have read appears to be for motorcycles with Catalytic Converters.

    Also, from what I gather MA2 has a higher coefficient of friction thus a wet clutch will grab more?

    The Valvoline says: "Excellent Wet Clutch Protection"

    The oils above are all convention oils.

    My Clutch has worked perfect on the Castrol, since I rebuilt the Clutch a couple of years ago.

    I will probably use the Valvoline Oil that I purchased, but thought someone might give me some feed back or thoughts on the issue.

    Thanks, Don

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