All Clubs Day

  • 15 Sep 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Downtown Stockbridge, MI

Click the following links for the event details.

2019 All Clubs Day.pdf

2019 All Clubs Day Grid.jpg

2019 All Clubs Day Exhibitor Parking.pdf

Find where you are to set up your display/group. If you are coming with a trailer/truck, please park on Center Street for  displays on the north side of the square, or on Elizabeth Street for displays on the south side of square. 

Unload. Do not go to set up, immediately remove your vehicle and park in one of the parking lots that are on the next attachment you will be receiving.

Then come back and set up.

The streets of Center and Elizabeth are also parking lots and they will start to have spectators parking and so the earlier you come and set up the better.

After 10:30 or so I cannot guarantee easy access to unloading. DO NOT UNLOAD on CLINTON Street unless you get here around 8-9am and the street parking is open for you. Do not block traffic as that street is M 52.

After 11 am or so I cannot guarantee that your club space will not have other motorcycles parking there so please get at aleast one member to the show early and they can police your designated area. (I run a lot slower these days and cannot clone myself for that one day!! You would not want two of me after that, I am sure....)

The church breakfast is from 8 am until about noon. The food trucks may be ready to start serving by noon. Cravingz Coffee House will be serving coffee, donuts, and food.

Varsity Ford of Ann Arbor has donated a lot of water and it will be available by street corners and at Registration.

Register your bikes if you wish to have some information about the motorcycle for guests to read. There will be copies of the grid at Registration also.

Thank you all so very much. 


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