• 10 Apr 2013 5:42 AM
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    Deleted user

    Anyone recommend a chromer?  I want to keep my original dunlop rims on my 67 Daytona.  I need to find a shop that will dechrome them and rechrome them.


  • 11 Jun 2013 8:54 PM
    Reply # 1315106 on 1264912
    i talked to a buffer that prepairs stuff for chrome and he said to purchase new rims, because the nipple holes for the spokes will ruin a $400 buffing wheel in a hurry.
  • 31 Mar 2015 3:01 PM
    Reply # 3276610 on 1264912

    Also, buffing a rim will enlarge the spoke holes and you know what that will do. Spoke nipples will pull up through the rim holes. Yikes!

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